gwendolyn yoppolo's tardigrade!

stretching tardigrade in water

Tardigrade eating fluff of moss and swimming (21 Mb mp4 video link)

Tardigrade eating and swimming

gwendolyn yoppolo is an artist friend who is also the ceramics professor at Kutztown University.  She is one of the most skillful microscopists on campus - far better than most scientists!  Normally, she uses the binocular microscopes for analyzing the true colors of her glazes, and the scanning electron microscope for analyzing the microscopic crystals that form in her glazes.  She is a person who does not restrain her curiosity, so she's always exploring things in interesting ways.

When she learned that we had an optical microscope, and that the mascot for the Kutztown University scanning electron microscope lab is a tardigrade (a.k.a. "water bear" ... so it's a microscopic bear, and Kutztown's regular mascot is a golden bear, so...), she got some tardigrades for us to video with the petrographic microscope.

This link goes to the 21 Mb mp4 video.

Tardigrade stretching

Another video of gwendolyn yoppolo's little friend - stretching like they just woke up?

This link goes to the 6 Mb mp4 video.

Tardigrade stretching after just waking up?

Tardigrade stretching like it just woke up?  (6 Mb mp4 video)